TET Tapping Level 1 & 2 Training

The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping Level 1 & 2 Training

Imagine—having the power to heal your life literally at your fingertips. With tapping, you can melt away negative emotions, limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns – often in minutes!

What you’ll learn when you train with Jan:

  • The Science and History behind EFT and TET Tapping.
  • The basic tapping recipe.
  • Why we use meridians and the organs and emotions they represent.
  • More about why we say to “Try it on everything!”
  • Experience a simple experiment that defies logic to see if EFT and TET Tapping work for you.
  • Hear Jan’s engaging story of physical and emotional healing and her journey to resiliency after the death of her 22-year old son – all using EFT and TET Tapping.
  • PLUS Jan will answer your questions and, as time permits, offer an experiential tapping for something.

It gets even better!

In this 3-day training class, you’ll also…

EFT Tapping with Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master
  • MASTER the short-form basic tapping recipe.
  • Learn to be Specific, correctly assess distress levels, retesting and following cognitive shifts.
  • Learn about Psychological Reversals; why they occur and how they affect your energy, mind and mood. This one concept provides a NEW and revolutionary understanding of the reasons people don’t heal – and simple techniques to overcome this very common obstacle.
  • EXPERIENCE powerful EFT and TET Tapping techniques – including the Movie Technique for eliminating unwanted memories and the Personal Peace Procedure for healing a lifetime of disappointment, shame, trauma, losses and pain.
EFT Training Group
  • Practice with Jan’s fill-in-the-blank tapping template so that you always know what to say and when to say it.
  • Learn the fine art of Addressing Physical Pain.
  • Experience your own “aha!” while Clearing Cravings (You can bring your “go to” snack or non-alcoholic beverage. Chocolates will be provided.)
  • The Tearless Trauma technique; sneaking up on the pain, chasing the pain, ways to find core issues, working with physical “dis-ease” and more in-depth testing of results.
  • Jan’s advanced tapping ideas around emotional geysers, your inner critic (what she calls the “EGO”).
  • What to do if someone doesn’t want to divulge the story (whether it’s because of shame or secrets, EFT and TET Tapping still work.)

And so much more. Some of the best teaching comes from students – live and in the moment – during the training.

EFT Training-Loving and Laughing

Your tuition includes your full training workbook and replaces our need for PowerPoint slides!

You’ll receive personal attention throughout the weekend and will be invited to have a turn as the student teacher. Everyone will be blessed by tapping along with you. (Just as you will tap along with every other student to experience what we refer to as “sharing the benefits” every single hour!)

There will be lots of laughter and probably some tears. Spirit will deliver insights and personal revelations as well as often unexpected and delightful levels of peace and joy.

The best part is, when you attend Jan’s TET Tapping Level 1 and Level 2 training you can experience miraculous healings while you learn!

Or maybe the little voice in your head is saying…

“I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable sharing with a group of ‘strangers.’”

Check out these testimonials of healing at a similar training…

Danielle participated in an EFT Level 1 and Level 2 training with Jan.

  • She had so much resistance – came up with excuses not to go, ALMOST got off the plane 3 times.
  • But she made it and was so glad.
  • We found her deep anger, bitterness and sadness.
  • She was living a robotic life / not living up to her potential.
  • Since that training a feeling of peace that all the FEAR lifted off.
  • All the EGO Lies (who needs enemies when your own worst enemies).
  • That weekend was one of the most wonderful experiences she ever, ever had.
  • She has a purpose, has a mission and is so happy to be able to share it with the world.
  • Everyone was so generous, loving and kind.
  • This girl is NOT playing small anymore!

And Kelly woke up the morning of the training and came home a different person. She’s been on a different level ever since!

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